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In 1991 our first Golden came into our lives. Laburnum's Limelight (Famke) was a true Golden with the most lovely and biddable character. Unfortunately we couldn't breed from her, but we enjoyed her company for 11,5 years.

In 2000 our second Golden came to live with us. Pearl Drift Primrose Beauty (Meike) is a very sweet girl, always ready to have fun.
She became a mother for 3 times and also a grandmother and greatgrandmother. She passed away on 26/10/2009.
Our sweetest girl will be very much missed. We are thankfull for all she gave us.

Out of her first litter to VCH Gunhills Over The Moon we kept our String of Pearls Sunsprite Esmay (Esmay).
Esmay was shown several times and won one RCAC, RCACIB.
In 2005 she had her first litter to CH Dewmist Satellite.
String of Pearls Butterfly Kisses (Vlinder) stayed at home.
Esmay now is retired and a lovely auntie to all puppies born at here String of Pearls.
String of Pearls Butterfly Kisses was shown often as a youngster. She won her class several times and was placed a lot.

Out of Meike's second litter to Multi CH, Trialer Rossmix No Regrets we kept
JCH String of Pearls Cinderella (Madelief) and her brother String of Pearls Crackerjack (Mats).
Mats is our big teddybear, following us everywhere we go.
Madelief was shown many times. Highlight was her winning the Luxembourg Junior Champion-title and BOS.
Their sister String of Pearls Charming Charley (Charley, owner Chantal Hamett) won a RCAC.
In 2006 Madelief had a litter to Ashbury Angel Heart. We kept our String of Pearls Fleurette (Julia) who won her two JCAC's in 2008.
Also brother String of Pearls Fourwheeldrive (Merlijn, owner Brigit Vlaar) and sister String of Pearls Frou-Frou (Yasmin, owner Paul Brienen)
are doing very well at shows. Merlijn won his class several times and has a RJCAC and Yasmin was 3 BPIS in 2007.

In May 2008 we bred a litter from JCH String of Pearls Cinderella & Multi CH Moondust Masterpiece.
A lovely litter and although we did not plan to keep a puppy, a little girl just had to stay.
In 2010 String of Pearls Crepes Suzette (Livia) is not that little anymore.
Our sweet, big girl is not shown that much, while it takes some time for her to mature.
In February 2011 she had her first litter by JCH Majik Truth Or Dare.
We were very happy with these beautiful, sweet puppies. Therefore we decided to keep both a boy and a girl.
String of Pearls Jamaican Me Crazy (Bravo) went to live with Annelien and her dogs
and String of Pearls Oh My Apple Pie (Lenthe) stayed with her mum, grandmum and family.

May 2009 the first litter from our String of Pearls Fleurette was born.
Again we chose Multi CH Moondust Masterpiece to be the sire.
One girl spoke to our heart immediately, because she looks like the spitting image of her grandma JCH String of Pearls Cinderella.
String of Pearls Mille Fleurs (Felicia) is a very happy girl, always ready to have fun.
In June 2011 String of Pearls Fleurette got her 2nd litter. Daddy to this litter is Dewmist Rainbow Warrior.
Son String of Pearls Be My Guest (Beer) and daugther String of Pearls Blondelicious (Doutzen) stayed.

In 2010 we lost both our old cat Lotje (17 years) and our sweet boy Floyd (Pearl Drift Easy Breeze, 8 years)
in 2 weeks time. These two dear sweethearts will be missed dearly.

December 2011 a sweet girl (pointer/settermix) from Turkey came to stay with us. Amy blends in with the Golden family quite well
and is the best of friends with the younger dogs. Amy is a rescued dog from Turkey, she was used as broodbitch at a puppymill.
Allthough we don't know much about her history, we know that she had a very hard time.
Now she lives the life of a little princess and is as spoiled as all our Goldens are.

March 2012 was very special for us. Annelien got the opportunity to go to Norway and collect her little boy Jako's Musthave (Valentijn).
We are so happy and proud! Dear Jarle and Vibeke, thank you so much for this little boy! He is a dream come true!
String of Pearls Jamaican Me Crazy (Bravo) won the Luxembourg Junior Champion-title. Also he achieved some nice
results on shows in Holland (JCAC) and Belgium. His sister String of Pearls Oh My Apple Pie (Lenthe) accompenied him
and achieved some good results too.

2013 was a year of wonderful and sad moments. In July String of Pearls Oh My Apple Pie (Lenthe) gave birth to her first litter.
Father of these lovely babies is CH Linirgor Must Be Luv. We are very happy with this litter. All babies are sweet, happy, healthy
puppies making their owners very proud. String of Pearls Apple-Y Ever After (Ella) & String of Pearls Coconutterly Fair (Suzette)
stayed to live in Andijk and we hope to have a bright future with these little ladies.
In December we had to make a very sad decision. We lost our very sweet Laburnum's Pretty In Pink (Caitlin).
We will never forget our "Caitje", we miss her very much.

In 2014 3 litters of cute puppies warmed our hearts. Very busy, but so much fun and very special.
On 21 February Valentijn and Doutzen became the proud parents of 1 little girl and 5 boys.
Om 15 October Valentijn and Lenthe became the proud parents of 4 boys and 5 girlies
and on 21 October also Bravo and Julia became the proud parents of 6 boys and 3 girls.
From our last litter little Vanilla (String of Pearls Belle Fleur) had to stay. She now lives with Annelien and Hugo and their dogs.
Besides all the pitter patter of little feet, we spend lots of time making long walks with the dogs and our good friends.
Those walks always end in a restaurant where we eat, drink and laugh surrounded by our dogs.
We also visited some shows. Ella (String of Pearls Apple-Y Ever After) was Best Puppy at the CAC/IB-show in Leiden,
Valentijn (Jako's Musthave) was awarded 2 Excellent in a good quality Openclass at the Championshipshow of the GRCN.
And our (youthful) veteran Lieke (String of Pearls Pretty-Pretty) suprised us by winning Best Veteran at the Clubshow of the GRCB.
In December we sadly had to say goodbye to our Jolene (Pearl Drift Another Ambition).
Jolene reached the wonderful age of 13 years and 4 months and will be missed very much.

2015 is a rather quiet year. We definitely had a highlight on August 4, 2015 when Hugo & Annelien said yes on their wedding.
We mostly spend our days with long walks and lovely holidays with our dogs. Just enjoying each others company.
That doesn't mean all we did was relaxing. 28-06-2015 Bravo (JCH String of Pearls Jamaican Me Crazy) did his very best
and won BEST IN SHOW at the Summershow of the GRCN under judges Ana Neves and Malcolm Godefroy. What a special moment that was!
We are very proud of our sweet boy! August 4 he was groomsman at the wedding of Hugo & Annelien.

Puppy-wise we had a quiet year, as we had some other priorities. But we did end the year with a lovely litter.
Suzette (String of Pearls Coconutterly Fair) and Valentijn (Jako's Musthave) became the proud parents of 3 boys and 3 girls on 26-11-2015.
Little Lily (String of Pearls Baby Mine) stayed to live on the Dijkweg and we enjoy her sweet nature.

Unfortunaty we had some really sad moments in 2015. In March we had to say goodbye to our Esmay (String of Pearls Sunsprite Esmay).
Our first bred babygirl, so sweet and so very naughty. In May her halfbrother Jake (Pearl Drift Stubble's Jake) also went over
the "Rainbow Bridge". Our sweet boy Sjaakie, we miss you so much. Bye sweeties, till we meet again!

For 2016 we are full of plans.
We hope that our Ella (String of Pearls Apple-Y Ever After) will be a mommy this summer,
so exciting times ahead... We can't wait :-)

Today (April 2016) we are the proud owners of 17 sweet Goldens & our precious Turkish Mix.
We hope to enjoy the company of Lindsey (12 yrs), Mats (11 yrs), Madelief (11 yrs), Vlinder (10 yrs),
Lieke (9 yrs), Julia (9 yrs), Livia (7 yrs), Felicia (6 yrs) Bravo & Lenthe (5 yrs), Beer & Doutzen (4 yrs), Valentijn (4 yrs),
Ella & Suzette (2 yrs), Vanilla (1 yr), Lily (4 months) and our precious Turkish Amy for many, many years to come..

We live in Andijk, a small village close to the IJsselmeer, where our Goldens can run and swim.
We only breed Goldens according to the rules of the Dutch Golden Retriever Club (GRCN).
All breedingdogs have valid hipscores, elbowscores and eye-certificates.
Our dogs went to shows and gained nice results. They are all trained in obedience and in the field.
But the most important: they have very sweet characters.
Our dogs live with us in our livingroom. The puppies also grow up in our livingroom, where they meet our adult dogs, cats and rabbits.

Beside breeding dogs as a hobby, we made animals our profession.
Elisa is a certified veterinary nurse and Annelien has her own dogschool.

If you have questions about our dogs or expected litters, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Kind regards, Christina, Elisa and Annelien Pleit